1Password Families

1Password is the good password manager IMHO, and it’s the one I use at work.

My wife and I have been managing passwords with iCloud Keychain. It’s pretty good - but there’s no sharing! That should change in iOS 17 etc., but I'm pretty sure it won't quite meet our needs. We'll see!

I created a 1Password Family account for me and my wife. We’re migrating all of our passwords (from iCloud Keychain) into a shared vault. As we go, we’re updating usernames, passwords, security questions and answers, MFA, etc. It's cathartic.

My favorite feature over Passwords (in macOS Ventura, etc.) and iCloud Keychain? Multiple URLs for the same login, e.g. website.com, app.website.com.

It also helps that I get it for free through work. Here's an article from 1Password on how to set it up: https://support.1password.com/link-family/.