Key Bindings for Clojure

When I write Clojure, I use VS Code and Calva on a Mac and I try to avoid RSI. Everything I do in VS Code is accessible via the Command Palette, Cmd+Shift+P or F1. However, keyboard shortcuts are sure nice. I execute some commands frequently, and these commands would benefit the most from keyboard shortcuts. There are only so many reasonable shortcuts and my memory is only so good, so I want a system that benefits from mnemonics. This reminds me of this standup routine, Gary Gulman On How The States Got Their Abbreviations (warning, a little inappropriate!).

The default Calva keybindings for Paredit can be found here, Not everything we'll discuss is for Paredit. Let's begin. I'll say the Command Title, the keybinding, and some commentary. To change keybindings, in the Command Palette, either run

  • Preferences: Open Keyboard Shortcuts or

  • find the specific command you want to run and select the gear icon.

Calva: Load/Evaluate Current File and its Requires/Dependencies.

I bound that to Option+V.

Calva: Evaluate Current Form (or selection, if any)

I left that as Ctrl+Enter. This one is pretty obvious - evaluate the thing next to my cursor.

Calva: Evaluate Top Level Form (defun)

I left this as Option+Enter. That may have been the default. When might I use this? Anytime my cursor isn't at the opening or closing of a form. Example: I make a change to a function and want to evaluate it:

; Start with this
(defn greet
  (println "hello"))

; I'm using | to indicate where my cursor is.
; Then I eval the top level form
(defn greet
  (println "hi|"))

Calva Paredit: Raise Sexp

Option+R. Raise is awesome.

; Here's the starting point. Again, | is my cursor.
; So I don't want the try/catch anymore.
  |(println "Did")
  (catch Exception _
    (println "Tried")))

; raise!
(println "Did")

Calva Paredit: Slurp Sexp Forward


(+ 1|) 2

; slurp forward!
(+ 1 2)

Calva Paredit: Splice Sexp


(+ 1 (|2))

(+ 1 2)

Calva Paredit: Wrap Around ()




Calva Paredit: Wrap Around [] and Calva Paredit: Wrap Around {}

I don't use these nearly as much as (), so I left the defaults - Ctrl+Shift+Option+S/C.

Calva: Run Current Test


Calva: Run Tests for Current Namespace


Calva Paredit: Convolute Sexp ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ctrl+Option+C. What does Convolute do? This:



When would someone do that?

(deftest my-test
  (let [a true] ; I want to move this inside the testing form
    (testing "a"
      |(is (true? a)))))

(deftest my-test
  (testing "a"
    (let [a true]
      (is (true? a)))))

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